The food from Kangra is exotic, yet simple and delicious. Explore the distinctive world of Kangra cuisine in this comprehensive Coffee table book. It is a perfect companion for anyone who regards the kitchen as a place of warmth and love.

Mrs Sarita Sud, a connoisseur and great lover of food has provided all the recipes in this book. Her love and passion for delicious fare has made it possible for this delightful assortment of age old Pahari recipes to reach one and all.

‘For years, I have had my heart asking me to compile a cookbook of my mother’s  recipes. The book has been an eye-opener for me, as it takes me back to my growing up years. This was when a career was obvious, but cooking was not. And when we didn’t quite understand the meaning behind the precious words “things aren’t always going to be the way you want them to be”.
Mom is not here anymore, but everything that I or my loved ones cook, are proof that she is fondly remembered.’ -  Divya Sud Qureshi